Physicist explains why time really does seem to go faster as we get older

Does it feel as if time passes quicker and quicker as you grow older? You’re not alone, according to a scientist who has offered a theory explaining this common sensation.   

As we age, our bodies process the information we take in from our surroundings at a slower rate, Adrian Bejan, a professor of mechanical engineering at Duke University, said. In turn, this means we consume fewer images than when we were younger, creating the feeling that time is going by faster.

The professor said this idea also explains why some days feel longer than others and why our minds get distracted by unusual experiences rather than those we encounter regularly. 

Our brain doesn’t perceive time equally to how we measure it, according to Bejan. The result is the sensation of the “mind time” versus “clock time,” Bejan said in his study published in the journal European Review.

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